Folks who have registered to have a table at this year's zinefest.

  Zine/Distro Name Your Name City State (as two letter abreviation) Website
Best of Math Class Airen Belleau Chicago IL
Martin Sammy Gardea Martin Sammy Gardea Chicago IL
Phood Phrends / 36 lbs of Product John DiDomenico Chicago IL
Buffet Life / Fake A$$ Rappers Kristopher Pollard Milwaukee WI
AFC Comics Jesse Hedman st paul Mn
Random Man Editions Michael Jensen Brooklyn NY
The Red Shorts Bindery Thayer Nicholas Granstrom Bray Kansas city Mo
Make The Pure Products Of America Go Crazy Again Trevor Lisa Chicago IL
CJB Craig John Barr Mundelein IL
Heather Elaine Homemade Heather Callan Mundelein IL
Cheer the Eff Up Jonas Chicago IL
Multiple David W. Milwaukee WI
Mark Z-Man Cartoons Mark Ziemann Brooklyn NY http://www.markzman
Halfmoon Projects Matthew Crowther Chicago IL
Same Coin Press Nathan Pearce Fairfield IL
Mt Palace Madeline Hester Chicago IL
King-Cat Comics/Spit and a Half Distro John Porcellino Beloit WI
Adam Jason Cohen Adam Jason Cohen Chicago II
Holy Demon Army Distro ed. blair Chicago IL
Decent Grief Dallas Maloney Milwaukee WI
Sean Dempsey Sean Dempsey Chicago IL
Jason Vaughn Jason Vaughn Milwaukee WI
Elsewhere Lindsay Mathers Chicago Il
Native Whim Dylan Gittings Silver Lake WI
Frazzle Jenni Moody Milwaukee WI
Mike Gamboa Mike Gamboa Chicago IL
Celebrate the People Katie Armentrout Chicago IL
Black Bear Collective Marcus coleman Chicago IL
Iconometer/my name iz edwin Edwin Jager Oshkosh WI
Peehole Jim Donaldson Chicago IL
No Coast / No Hope Shea Hardacre Chicago IL
Quinn Blackshere Quinn Blackshere Milwaukee WI
M.S. Harkness M.S. Harkness minneapolis MN
Most Pulp Press Jenny Janzer Hartford WI
Let It Sink James Joyce Chicago IL
Breakfast Clothing Soren Ditzenberger Milwaukee WI
PM Press Katie Jesse Milwaukee WI
Lemon o Books Ethan Krause Milwaukee WI
Work Press & Publication Will Arnold Champaign IL
Dutchman (and others) Robert Kelsey Chicago Il
House Magic: Bureau of Foreign Correspondence Alan W Moore Milwaukee & Madrid WI
very very small press stephanie phillips Cincinnati OH
Fatty Fatty 2X4, Do It In A Dress Michaela West Milton OH
Junk Drawer Eric Bartholomew Chicago IL
"Worry Wart", "Treading Water", "Kalanchoe Outlaws", "Fashun" Nola Lee Bellevue KY
Pete Faecke Pete Faecke Minneapolis MN
Spiral King Comics Guy Thomas Milwaukee WI
PINCHE GATO Alan Peralta Milwaukee WI
Temporary Services / Half Letter Press Marc Fischer Chicago IN

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